Register to a commercial VoIP provider

(for landline and mobile phones)


This explains how to set up and activate VoIP in in Ekiga. This information may also be helpful for other SIP or VoIP software. You can register to a commercial VoIP provider to place calls to normal phone line or cell phone (POTS). Ekiga allows you to register with several VoIP providers.

Default provider

There is no obligation for you to use the default provider in Ekiga.

The default provider is Diamondcard Worldwide Communication Service, which offers these rates

  1. To purchase the account, go in Tools -> PC-To-Phone Account. You absolutely need to purchase the account from the PC-To-Phone configuration window or it won't work.

  2. Once you have opened an account, login to your account to look up your Account Number and PIN. Don't confuse these with your username and password!

  3. Enter the account number and PIN in the appropriate fields in the window and enable the PC-To-Phone service.
  4. If you need to edit the account under Edit->Accounts, you should use account number and PIN here also, even though it says "user" and "password". Sad :(

You are now ready to do PC-To-Phone calls at very low rates all over the world.

To dial a number, simply add "00" followed by the country code, and by the phone number you want to reach.

For example, sip:003210111111 to call number 10111111 in Belgium.

If you suffer from high latency (long delays) when using pc-to-phone you may need to enable the GSM codec in the audio section of Ekiga's preference window.

Broadvoice Support

In order to setup Ekiga to work with Broadvoice which offer those rates, use the following settings.

Figure out which proxy is closest to you:








Ekiga Preferences:

  • SIP SettingsOutbound SIP Proxy:

  • CodecsVideo Codecs → Disable (uncheck) video support or else you will get a codec error.

Account Information:

  • Registrar:
  • User: <10 digit broadvoice telephone number>

  • Password: <obtained requesting it from broadvoice support>

  • Authentication Login: <10 digit broadvoice telephone number>

  • Realm/Domain: or Broadworks

In the case where you need to troubleshoot, start ekiga with 'ekiga -d 4'

How to set up a Gizmo account

Gizmo offers those rates.

To subscibe an account, go here and open a Sipphone account. Then, with your account number and your password go there, you'll be prompted to choose a Gizmo name.

Once you have an active account you can setup Ekiga to use it. In Ekiga, go to Edit | Accounts. This will open the Accounts window. Go to Accounts | Add a SIP account. Fill this window out with the following information (provided from Gizmo).


whatever you wish



Your Gizmo number (1747xxxxxxx)

Authentication User:

Your Gizmo number (1747xxxxxxx)


Your password


3600 (this is the default setting)

Also make sure that the Enable Account box is checked.

When you click on OK you should see the new entry and the status go to Registered. Drag the new account to the top of the list if you have multiple accounts.

Next, test it out by dialing You can alternatively dial just 18005558355 and the will automatically be added on.

How to set up a Wengo account

Wengo offer this rates.

Once you've registered at[S]=wengo.public.homePage&yawl[K]=wengo.subs_152.persistOffer&lang=eng , visit

where YOUR-EMAIL and YOUR-PASSWORD are what you used when you registered your account. This will give you your real username and password:


Now go to menu Edit → Accounts → Add

Account name:

whatever you wish



the username from the url above


the password from the url above

Now try the echo test:

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