Independent guides

These guides are independently maintained. Much of their content is included in the Ubuntu community help pages, but newer material in these guides may not be.

* Ubuntuguide - Comprehensive guide for Ubuntu, since 2005.

* Kubuntuguide - Comprehensive guide for Kubuntu, since 2007.

* Ubuntu Geek - a wealth of information, but in blog format

* OMG! Ubuntu - news, tips, and reviews in blog format

* Psychocats' Ubuntu GNU/Linux Resources - a collection of random tutorials for Ubuntu

* Ubuntu Sharing - tips in blog format

* The Owlcroft Ubuntu Help & Advice Pages - from choosing through maintaining

* The GNU/Linux Documentation Project Guides

* Interactive map of GNU/Linux kernel

* How do I pre-install Ubuntu for someone else (= OEM install)?

* GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

* O'Reilly Ubuntu Hacks (March 2008)

* LPI Training Materials and Practice testing engines

* The Ubuntu Full Circle on line magazine

* An Introduction-Overview of Unity in Ubuntu 12.04 for Beginners (Video)

* Cheat Sheet containing most commonly used commands in GNU/Linux

* Second cheat Sheet

* Third cheat sheet

* 60 Linux commands for newbies and system administrators

* FreeDesktop - Official X.Org compose key sequences. Use this as reference to FreeDesktop (used as the default in many systems).

* DMOZ FAQs, Help, and Tutorials -- open source directory of wikis and help guides for Ubuntu

* Explain Shell breaks down Linux commands so you can understand them better

* is the place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again.

* Steve Parker's Bourne / Bash shell scripting tutorial

* Introduction to GNU/Linux - LinuxFoundationX

* Compose Key Sequences - Compose Key Sequences

* How to mount USB devices

* Download Ubuntu releases here

Free guides and free manuals for GNU/Linux beginners

* Linux Command Cheat Sheet For 2022

* Glossary of open-source terminology

* GNU/Linux Guide/merge/ GNU/Linux For Newbies/Command Line

* GNU/Linux Guide/ GNU/Linux commands

* How to use gedit

* How to use sudo

* Using apt Commands in GNU/Linux

* Explain Shell breaks down Linux commands so you can understand them better

* Teaching UNIX

* Around 26 pages: The Cathedral and the Bazaar - Eric S. Raymond

* Around 32 pages - - Courtney Loo

* Around 161 pages: The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide - Alistair Ross

* Around 189 pages: Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project - Karl Fogel

* Around 208 pages: Introduction to the Command Line - Free Software Foundation

* Around 255 pages: GNU/Linux Basic - Joaquín López Sánchez-Montañés, Sofia Belles Ramos, Roger Baig Viñas, Francesc Aulí Llinàs -

* Around 294 pages: BioInformatics Training and Services (including GNU/Linux training for beginners) -

* Around 303 pages: After the Software Wars - Keith Curtis

* Around 351 pages: Free For All - How GNU/Linux and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High Tech Titans - Peter Wayner

* Around 396 pages: Two Bits - The cultural significance of free software - by Christopher M. Kelty

* Around 522 pages: The GNU/Linux Command Line - William E. Shotts, Jr. - EXCELLENT GUIDE

* Around 696 pages: GNU/Linux system administration reference guide - GNU/Linux Quick Fix Notebook - Peter Harrison - EXCELLENT RESOURCE

Free books for advanced GNU/Linux system administrators

* Around 110 pages: Secure DNS with Unbound and DNSSEC-Trigger Implementation and Deployment -

* Around 269 pages: Advanced Linux Programming - By Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex Samuel, of CodeSourcery LLC

* Around 329 pages: GNU/Linux From Scratch PDF - by Gerard Beekmans

* Around 365 pages: Linux Fundamentals, written by Paul Cobbaut, a very experienced trainer

* Around 385 pages: Linux System Administration, written by Paul Cobbaut, a very experienced trainer

* Around 456 pages: Self-service GNU/Linux – Mastering the art of problem determination - Mark Wilding and Dan Behman - Bruce Perens' Open Source Series - Publisher: Prentice Hall

* Around 545 pages: GNU/Linux Advanced Administration - Remo Suppi Boldrito, Josep Jorba Esteve -

* Around 549 pages - The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond

* Around 720 pages: Beyond GNU/Linux From Scratch, written by BLFS Development Team

* Around 808 pages: Managing GNU/Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and Module Development - Jamie Cameron - Bruce Perens' Open Source Series - Publisher: Prentice Hall - EXCELLENT GUIDE

Paperback (Not free)

* Around 1200 pages - A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming 4th Edition - Mark G. Sobell and Matthew Helmke

* Around 928 pages: Linux Bible Paperback – Illustrated, 8 Jun. 2020 - Christopher Negus

* Around 752 pages: Ubuntu Linux Unleashed 2021 Edition 14th Edition - Matthew Helmke

* Around 392 pages: How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know (Paperback) - Brian Ward

* Around 240 pages: Deploying Rails: Automate, Deploy, Scale, Maintain, and Sleep at Night (The Facets of Ruby) (Paperback) - Tom Copeland (Author), Anthony Burns (Author)

GNU/Linux software equivalent to Windows software

* Use search bar in top right corner of website

* GNU/Linux Alternative Project - database with Windows software and the GNU/Linux equivalents and alternatives

* GNU/Linux software equivalent to Windows software

* List of free and open-source software packages

* Open-source as alternative - Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software

Hardware database showing which hardware components work in GNU/Linux

* H-node


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