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Download quake4-linux-1.4.2.x86.run from ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake4/linux


To install and run Quake4 you need a Windows installation disk , and a CD-key. The installation process is straight forward copy data files from the Windows installation disk to your installation path, then run the installation file for Linux. Which you can download for free from the link above.

Data Files (DVD Edition)

mkdir -p <install path>/quake4/q4base
cp -v <Quake4 disk mount point>/Setup/Data/q4base/*.pk4 <install path>/quake4/q4base

The <install path> by default will be your home folder e.g. /home/user, whereas <Quake4 disk mount point> can be one of the following locations, depending on your current system set-up:


You can find out which mount point is the correct one and/or where your Quake4 disk has been mounted on your system by typing:



chmod +x quake4-linux-1.4.2.x86.run

This will run the installer. Make sure the installation path is the same as <install path> you used previously.


a883d86693e75c736157b6a88af7ba82  q4base/game000.pk4
c4e7ad10dbaaed8fe90f2f4acfdad401  q4base/game100.pk4
ca72056bb1ede3c42bb41e02abf00d4e  q4base/game200.pk4
b201b914167f47061fa5f975af527122  q4base/pak001.pk4
dabe2c88e004198947431250e3f4ca1d  q4base/pak002.pk4
8573f05af4c9568880cc464d06292079  q4base/pak003.pk4
12ff4006a7f7181ac16835d05c59905f  q4base/pak004.pk4
3576213f4e00f06baf3cd5de089a538a  q4base/pak005.pk4
aec7bb418b9a86256f9e5daee894dee2  q4base/pak006.pk4
0f53b4fb4df2c14fcd10012baf8b2f87  q4base/pak007.pk4
b099d75869f0ffcbcb8e5166374af345  q4base/pak008.pk4
cb2b44bf573559dc19b488d9e1e5bec3  q4base/pak009.pk4
d024073349dc917b4feab49e6abc417b  q4base/pak010.pk4
98c854d94ce1da5272952b77821823df  q4base/pak011.pk4
e77a2fda6656495d38773e05bbffda33  q4base/pak012.pk4
c1383eeb82a7d303b27d3884180ffd22  q4base/pak013.pk4
e2ec0b8ce4c460bf196ef61280ae20e0  q4base/pak014.pk4
1c74cadf76ea4567edc75af6fc6a4fcb  q4base/pak015.pk4
3f005b0703c7b8f7c77627d2f091dd9e  q4base/pak016.pk4
909d24e331efc8b40e818af02faebf4c  q4base/pak017.pk4
15af0fb2c33b0743edc0ff11199fffb0  q4base/pak018.pk4
609d085ed8bbd8db1e3b52a06818a745  q4base/zpak_english_01.pk4
a4d6207c12ce47f1effc60d7fe8b5b9d  q4base/zpak_english_02.pk4
669d6d9a30b798d19434972475b98c53  q4base/zpak_english.pk4
5eb83cae50559e8ada7ead26b1ba2a88  q4base/zpak_french_01.pk4
9b6bcb78e9733d6afa56133d453d0152  q4base/zpak_french_02.pk4
2cabddd692e214c78c20a464da43f1ef  q4base/zpak_french.pk4
0067eb7b6236011d36319176d838fde8  q4base/zpak_italian_01.pk4
0dc4bdd35cdfaf201aea93af541586a3  q4base/zpak_italian_02.pk4
4ee7eb637cde6bcfe3a9ffac5e4579dd  q4base/zpak_italian.pk4
5fa204bb992f3e2e81b6a26835955a8e  q4base/zpak_spanish_01.pk4
1c90da720b88192e0c07324ddd940ac6  q4base/zpak_spanish_02.pk4
36eee38e6c2dce12986f7192a5a996e5  q4base/zpak_spanish.pk4


From the installation directory, by default /home/user/quake4:


For modern 64 bit version use:


Issues and Fixes

Since the game client is a bit older, there are sometimes issues with newer versions of Ubuntu.

Sound Lag

In the event the in game and menu sounds delay by a few seconds this fix with correct that issue with pulse audio.

Navigate to the installation directory and edit the executable script that is used to launch the game. For quake4, modify the last line to the following:

exec ./quake4smp.x86 "$@" +set s_alsa_pcm plughw:0 +set NumberOfSpeakers 2 "$@"

For quake4-smp, use:

exec ./quake4.x86 "$@" +set s_alsa_pcm plughw:0 +set NumberOfSpeakers 2 "$@"

Dual Monitor Full Screen

Full screen might not default to the correct monitor. The current fix needed is for Nvidia Twinview setups and requires a modification to the xorg.conf file, adding a new metamode. (this fix also works for Quake3 (ioQuake) and UT2004

coming soon.



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