There are thousands of games available which are free software and will run natively on Ubuntu. In addition, there are emulators that will run many games for Windows or even classic game consoles. Whether you enjoy card games or shoot 'em ups, there's something for everyone.

Have fun!

Ubuntu Games

All the games in the following sections are native to Ubuntu. This means that there is either an Ubuntu package in the repositories, or available from a third-party. Differences between these sections come down to a single issue: licensing. The Ubuntu Philosophy is that all software distributed with Ubuntu is free and open-source. Some of the following games may be free but not open-source. Others may require a fee to use them. Still others may require payment for certain aspects of a game, but also offer a free element.

Free Games

These games are in the Main or Universe repositories for Ubuntu and are conformant with the Ubuntu Philosophy.

Non-Free Games

These games are present in the Ubuntu multiverse repository. This means that they cost no money to use, but may not be freely distributed.

Free Commercial Games

These games are natively available for Ubuntu. They are at least in part commercially produced, may require that you pay for some kind of optional service, but respect your freedom.

Non-Free Commercial Games

All the games in this section are commercially owned / produced, require that you pay to use them, and have non-free licensing.

Other GNU/Linux Games

Non-GNU/Linux-Native Games

Emulators - These emulators of popular systems allow you to play classic and current games on Ubuntu.

Online/Java Games - These games can be played on Java Web Start installed Ubuntu and variants or Java enabled browsers. To install Java, take a look at Java Installation Documentation.

Helping With Games On Ubuntu

There are various ways to help the Ubuntu community make Ubuntu a better gaming platform:

  • Debian Games Team - Help the Debian Games Team. It will ultimately enhance Ubuntu as a gaming platform. Chat with the team on their official Debian IRC channel at #debian-games on (OFTC).

  • You can contribute to the wiki by adding information to the Games subpages.

External Links

Commercial GNU/Linux Games

  • Penguspy - A collection of free, commercial, open and closed source games for Linux.

Ubuntu communities

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