1. Avaneya


These games are natively available for Ubuntu. They are at least in part commercially produced, may require that you pay for some kind of optional service, but respect your freedom.

Game List

1. Avaneya

Avaneya is a cerebral science fiction game set on Mars currently under active development. It combines the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder social simulation, real time strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. It explores mature themes in social justice, politics, ecology, economics, and more. It is geared towards at least those with a passion for hard science fiction and software libre, in particular users of the GNU operating system and its various incarnations, such as Ubuntu.

  • Website : Home

  • License : GPLv3
  • Genre : Hybrid (RTS / social simulation / science fiction)
  • Singleplayer : Gratis.
  • Multiplayer (LAN) : Gratis.
  • Multiplayer (Solnet) : Monthly subscription.

1.1. Avaneya: Viking Lander Remastered DVD

The Avaneya game project has released their recovery of a previously lost NASA archive of the historic Viking mission’s first ever exploration of the Martian surface. The DVD includes the original encumbered mission data, along with the point and click software necessary to recover a substantial volume of imagery. The product is intended as both a fundraiser to hire additional core staff, in addition as a research tool.

1.2. Avaneya Project Crew Handbook!/content/downloads/handbook.html!/content/downloads/handbook.html!/content/downloads/handbook.html

Several years in the making and thousands of man hours of research, this well received book is intended for Avaneya’s ever–growing community of contributors who would like to learn more about the thinking behind this project.

Although intended for community contributors, it may not be appropriate for players since it contains plot spoilers.

On the other hand, our eventual players of Avaneya are just as likely to enrich the game through constructive feedback – feedback best buttressed with a well–informed understanding of the project's goals outlined in this comprehensive volume.

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