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The gnokii project began in 1998 to connect Nokia mobile phones to Linux.

With a little manual configuration, it is possible to backup contacts, send SMS and edit your calendar.

This example is for a Nokia 6300 over bluetooth. Configuration specifics for your phone can be found at the gnokii website.

  1. Pair your phone to the computer using the Gnome Bluetooth Applet on your top panel or using the BluetoothSetup instructions.

  2. Find the Bluetooth ID of the connected handset using hcitool scan

  3. cp /etc/gnokiirc ~/.gnokiirc

  4. nano ~/.gnokiirc

  5. Change the Bluetooth port to port = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff where the letters correspond to the hcitool scan.

  6. Set the model to model = 6510

  7. Test the connection using gnokii --identify.

Find Xgnokii in your Applications/Accessories top panel menu and use your phone from your computer.


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