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See also: GnokiiSync

Gnokii configuration

Since we have bluetooth working it's now time to install gnokii suite. You need to download latest version from gnokii homepage, the one in dapper repository is too old.

Packages for Dapper are available at: http://gnokii.org/download/gnokii/binaries/ubuntu/6.04/

You need to install at least: gnokii, libgnokii2

Once you have gnokii installed, it's time to create its configuration file. Sample configuration file is supplied with package, copy it to your home directory with following command:  zcat /usr/share/doc/gnokii/sample/gnokiirc.gz > ~/.gnokiirc 

There are few important settings in that file that you need to adjust:

  • port = your phone's mac address here

  • model = consult gnokii.org what is model for your phone, for 6310i put 6510 here

  • connection = bluetooth

You may also change debug= to on or off depending what you need. For normal use leave it to off and in case of troubles turn it on. Debug output will help you get some support from gnokii guys.

At this point with bluetooth and gnokii configured, you should be able to connect to your phone with gnokii. To test it use following command: gnokii --identify

If everything is ok you should be asked by your phone whether to connect to your computer then asked for a PIN (the one you put in /usr/bin/mypinwrapper). After that gnokii should give you information about your phone, for example:

GNOKII wersja 0.6.12
IMEI           : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Producent      : Nokia
Model          : NPL-1
Wersja         : V 7.00

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