Installing Ubuntu

  1. Get an Ubuntu installation disk (liveDVD or liveUSB).

  2. Insert the Ubuntu disk into your DVD drive. (or connect your liveUSB)

  3. Make sure that your BIOS (boot order) is set to boot from a DVD/USB before a hard drive. If you are installing for the first time on a computer which came with Windows 8 installed, you may be sure that the boot order is NOT factory-set to boot from the DVD. You must change the factory setting. Please refer to BootFromCD

  4. Start or restart your computer. If you do not see the Ubuntu logo, please refer to BootFromCD.

  5. Choose the Try Ubuntu option in order to check that your hardware (screen, keyboard, internet...) is correctly recognized by Ubuntu.

  6. Backup your documents on an external disk or DVDs
  7. When you are ready to install Ubuntu on your hard disk, click the Install Ubuntu button. The installation wizard will appear:

Selecting language


Select your desired language and click Continue. The Preparing to install Ubuntu window appears.

Preparing to install Ubuntu


Select the desired options. Click Continue. The Installation type window appears.

Installation type


Several choices are available:

- If you want to install Ubuntu alongside you other systems (eg alongside Windows), select the Install Ubuntu alongside them.

- If you want to install Ubuntu over your entire hard drive, select Erase disk and install Ubuntu, then select the hard drive that you want to install Ubuntu. Warning: this will erase all data and systems that are currently on the disk.

- If you want to manually setup your partitioning scheme, , select the Something else option. You will find further advice on the DiskSpace page.

Click Install now. From this point, the installation cannot be cancelled. Few additional parameters need to be setup. The Where are you? window appears.

Where are you?


Select the location closest to your location. Click Continue. The Keyboard layout window appears.

Keyboard layout


Select the correct keyboard layout. Click Continue. The Who are you? window appears.

Who are you?


    When the installation wizard finishes, the Installation complete window appears.

Installation complete

  • install-step8.png

    Click Restart now to restart your computer. Ubuntu is now installed.

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