Creating A Partition

In the screenshot below, I have a new, unformatted hard drive. This drive has no partitions created on it and is ready to be partitioned. (assumes you've installed GParted)

First, I am creating a Primary partition. I could just as easily create an Extended partition encompassing the entire hard drive, but will need this Primary partition for later demonstrations.


First, click on the free space or on the entry below the graphics that corresponds with the free space that you wish to create the partition in. In this case, the whole drive is empty, so there is only one free space you can select. Once selected (it will be highlighted on the Graphics Bar and in the Partition List underneath it) click the "New" button in the tool bar.

  • Info (!) Alternately, you can right click on the Free Space or Partition and select the operation from the menu which appears.


This is the window that appears. Notice in this screen shot that I have the selection of file types that can be created. These extend beyond the screenshot window and include additional file types. Were I to be installing Ubuntu only, I would select "ext3," which is the Linux journaled file system (See the Extended Partition section below). However, I will be creating a Windows partition for now.

I select "NTFS" from the list. Notice the "Create As" line above the file types. This is where we select the type of parition we are creating. We will let this stay as Primary. We click the "Apply" button and, once the creation process is complete the partition is created:


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