Installation CD Integrity Check

This page describes how to check your CD and make sure that it was burned perfectly. If you have followed the directions on BurningIsoHowto then everything should be correct. However sometimes the media that you burned to isn't up to standards, CD drive isn't as 'strong' as it was originally, or maybe some other issue. To eliminate all possibilities of errors this check will make sure that every file on the CD is 100% correct.

Verifying the CD/DVD Integrity

  1. Insert your Ubuntu CD into the drive of the computer that you want to run/install Ubuntu onto.
  2. Turn the computer on, or restart the computer.
  3. While booting from the CD, hold any key to access the CD menu.
  4. At the CD menu, choose 'Check CD for Defects' (if you never get to the menu, try BootFromCD)

    • checkcdfordefects.png

  5. Wait for this process to complete and it will let you know if all of the files are 100% intact.
    • checkcdfordefectsfinished.png


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