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MacBookPro 9,2 and Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

IconsPage/terminal.png You can find out what model you have by typing at the terminal:

sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

If you have a different model, please go here and find the right wiki.


Anything not mentioned here probably already works out of the box. If not, please refer to the Ubuntu Apple Users forum.

IconsPage/ok.png (works out-of-the-box) IconsPage/ok.png IconsPage/info.png (works, with remarks) IconsPage/warning.png (needs manual install) IconsPage/dont.png (won't currently work (completely)) IconsPage/question.png (not yet documented)


Installation is only successful when an OS X partition remains on the drive, and has rEFIt (or other EFI boot menu utility) installed.


You have to disable journaling from MacOS X on the partitions you want to see on Ubuntu. If you to change the files without being root, you must have the same user id on both MacOSX and Ubuntu.

Fan Control

Automated fan control works in a limited fashion out of the box. While device will still function without overheating, it can cause excess heat to build up on the bottom, making it uncomfortable to sit with device in user's lap. Various solutions regarding fan control exist on the forums.


Wireless functions without issue after restricted driver is installed.


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