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Installing Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro

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This page helps you to find the right documentation, when you want to install Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro.

Determine your hardware revision

To determine which version / generation of MacBook Pro you have, you have multiple options:

From the GUI in OS X


Click on the Apple on the top left > "About this Mac" > "More Info..." > "Overview" > "System Report ..." > "Hardware" in left-hand panel > "Hardware Overview" in right-hand panel > "Model Identifier". This will be a string like "MacBookPro11,1".

From the Terminal in Ubuntu

IconsPage/ubuntu.png ... under Ubuntu, you can find out what model you have by typing at the terminal:

sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

IconsPage/terminal.png A terminal is opened by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.

It will tell you something like MacBookPro4,1 for example.

MacBook Pro Hardware Models

Now go to the MactelSupportTeam's wiki and choose the link to your model in the list.

MacBook Hardware Revisions and Ubuntu version-specific wikis

Now choose the link to the wiki of your hardware revision and the Ubuntu version you are looking for. If you haven't decided yet, what version you like to install, it is recommended to install the latest official LTS Ubuntu version. If no wiki article is available, ask for help in the support forum!


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