Install the base system

After downloading and burning the appropriate CD, boot the CD up and start the installation.

  • Insert & Boot your Ubuntu Live Install Disk

    Double click the Install Icon on the desktop


  • Choose your Language
  • Choose your Time Zone
  • Choose your keyboard
  • Choose your Name, Login Name, & Password. Be sure not to use the username mythtv, as it will be generated automatically later.

  • The Drive Partitioner will start. Assuming you only have one hard disk, you can follow these instructions:
    • 1) Choose to Manually Edit your partition Table.

      erase.png 2) Right click any existing partitions and choose Delete. 3) Choose the "Unallocated Space" 4) Right Click and press "New" 5) Drag the right hand slider left until the "New Size (MiB)" is approx 10GB. Again, your myth install will only need 3-4GB, but this will leave room to expand. 6) For the file system, be sure to choose ext3. Press the Add Button. 7) Right click the unallocated space. Press New. 8) Drag the right hand slider left until the "New Size (MiB)" is approx 1.5x your RAM size. 9) For the file system, choose linux-swap. Press the Add Button. 10) Right click the remaining unallocated space. Press New. 11) Leave the defaults, but set the file system to be xfs. 12) Press Forward. 13) When you get to the mount points, set the swap mount point to "swap". Set the first partition you created to "/". Se the last partition (the large one) to be /var/lib.


  • Complete the installation & Reboot

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