Install the base system

After downloading and burning the appropriate CD, boot the CD up and start the installation.

  • Insert & Boot your Ubuntu Live Install Disk

    Double click the Install Icon on the desktop


  • Choose your Language
  • Choose your Time Zone
  • Choose your keyboard


Choose Either Guided Partitioning and the Drive you want to install to, or Manual Partitioning.

Note that the frontend partitioning is not as important as the backend, so a default partitioning scheme ("Guided") is fine.


Choose to Migrate Documents and Settings, if appropriate


Choose your Name, Login Name, & Password

Be sure not to use the username mythtv, as it will be generated automatically later

It is fine for "your name" and the "log in name" to be the same

If there will be more than one frontend on your MythTV network it's a good idea to give this computer an easily-identifiable name, so configuring individual frontend settings is possible

  • Take a break while the system installs
  • Complete the installation & Reboot

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