Install MythTV Frontend

The majority of the rest of the work should be handled by Ubuntu packaging.

  1. Install the mythtv software.
    • From Synaptic Package Manager, Search for mythtv. Choose mythtv-frontend. Press the apply button and mythtv will be installed.

  2. Copy /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt from your backend machine to /etc/mythtv.

  3. Next, add yourself and any other users that need MythTV acces to the mythtv group.

    • To add users to the mythtv group, use this command:

    # sudo usermod -a -G mythtv USERNAME
    • Where USERNAME is the name of the user you are adding to the mythtv group.
  4. Test the Frontend. Launch the frontend from a terminal window.
    • mythfrontend
    • Watch for any error messages in the terminal. As long as this is free from errors, you can launch from the icon in the Sound & Video group from now on.

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