Available Plugins


This package will install all of the MythTV plugins.


Mythbrowser is an integrated web browser plugin for your MythTV system.


External controls for MythTV. This will allow you to modify button mappings and key bindings.


MythFlix allows you to monitor your Netflix dvd rental queue.


MythDVD provides an interface for launching your preferred DVD player from MythTV, and also supports transcoding DVDs into audio/video streams which can be played by MythVideo, using the transcode package.


MythGallery allows you to visually browse a directory tree containing image files. It can display any image file format supported by Qt, and supports image rotation and simple slideshows.


MythGame can be used as a frontend to start any emulator or binary that your host OS runs.


MythMusic provides a digital audio jukebox integrated with MythTV. It supports Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and MP3 streams, displays visualizations, and can also encode new Ogg Vorbis or FLAC streams from audio CDs using a CD-ROM drive.


MythNews is an RSS feed news reader plugin for MythTV that keeps you up-to-date on your favorite news topics


Mythphone is a phone and videophone capability on MYTH using the standard SIP protocol. It is compatible with Microsoft XP Messenger (see caveat below) and with SIP Service Providers such as Free World Dialup (fwd.pulver.com).


MythVideo allows you to browse and play video streams, using an external player, from within the MythTV interface.


MythWeather displays current and forecast weather information within MythTV.


MythWeb provides a web interface which can be used to view listings, schedule recordings, delete recordings, and search for programs. It can also browse mythmusic's music database, and may eventually support playing music streams as well.


MythArchive is a plugin for MythTV that lets you create DVDs from your recorded shows, MythVideo files and any video files available on your system. It can also archive recordings in a proprietary format that archives not only the file but also all the associated metadata like title, description and cut list information which will mean you can create backups of myth recordings which can later be restored or it will also allow you to move recordings between myth systems without losing any of the metadata. It is a complete rewrite of the old MythBurn bash scripts, now using python, and the mythfrontend UI plugin.


The supporting data file for mytharchive. Mytharchive won't function without this.

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