Where do I get the license key for the software I purchased?

Some of the products in Ubuntu Software Center require a license key in order to work. These keys are only needed when the software developer decides to require keys for their product.

License keys are available in three places:

  • At the top of the receipt emailed to you during purchase (The line starts with "Your license key for this application is:..." ).
  • In the online copy of your receipt. If you do not have your original receipt, you can get a copy here: https://pay.ubuntu.com/payment/ . Simply click on the orange link with your payment id.

  • In your subscription details. Go to https://software-center.ubuntu.com/subscriptions/ , click on the title you want the key for, and the key should be displayed in the middle of the page.

If the product you purchased requires a license key but no key was included on your receipt, please contact Ubuntu Software Center support to let us know. We will need to resolve the problem and get the vendor to fix their product.

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