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Rushing Bender is a single and multiplayer racing game. You are the robot Bender from the TV series Futurama, and must reach the finish on a futuristic hoover as fast as possible.



Open a Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type the following commands, pressing the return key at the end of each line:

mkdir rushing_bender
mv /path/rushing_bender/
cd /path/rushing_bender/
chmod +x /path/rushing_bender/rushing_bender*

Replace /path with the path of the location you want to install the game into.

Note: These instructions do not appear to work on Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). An extra dependency (libavifile-0.7c2) must be installed, but even then the program crashes with error ERROR:  FmodPLayer: error loading Stream from fileresources/sound/menu.mp3 on startup.


You can start the game with the following command (replace /path with the path you installed the game to):



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