• Chinese character input require SCIM.
  • This page is a simple way to install SCIM without installing additional Language Support Packets
  • Read SCIM for more detail.

  • Before you continue, you may need some basic configuration of your new Ubuntu system.

Type in the terminal:

$sudo apt-get install scim-qtimm im-switch scim-pinyin
$im-switch -z en_US -s scim

Log out, then log in again. SCIM should be now the default input for all applications

If the second command line doesn't work, try

$locale | grep LANG=

The answer would be something like


Type in the terminal:

$im-switch -z YOUR LOCALE -s scim  # replace "YOUR LOCALE" by something like "en_US.UTF-8"

For Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron or any later version, you might want to try this if the commands stated as above doesn't work:

$im-switch -z YOUR LOCALE -s scim-bridge  # replace "YOUR LOCALE" by something like "en_US.UTF-8"

For example:

$im-switch -z en_US.UTF-8 -s scim-bridge

You must restart your X window (log out, then log in) to take effect.

You can press "Ctrl+blank" to switch between English and Chinese input mode now in all applications.

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