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SSH ("Secure SHell") is a protocol for securely accessing one computer from another. Despite the name, SSH allows you to run command line and graphical programs, transfer files, and even create secure virtual private networks over the Internet.

To use SSH, you will need to install an SSH client on the computer you connect from, and an SSH server on the computer you connect to. The most popular Linux SSH client and Linux SSH server are maintained by the OpenSSH project.

The OpenSSH client is included in Ubuntu by default. For information on connecting to an SSH server, see Connecting to an OpenSSH Server.

To install the OpenSSH server, install the following package: openssh-server.


Make sure you have a strong password before installing an SSH server (you may want to disable passwords altogether)


Some information on using an SSH server is available below. To use these guides, you must be an Ubuntu user that's comfortable using the command-line, editing configuration files, and starting and stopping daemon programs.

* OpenSSH Server Guide

* Configuring an OpenSSH Server

* SSH Key Authentication

* Port Forwarding

* Advanced OpenSSH Functions

* Wikibook on OpenSSH

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