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DansGuardian Internet Content Filter Installation


This document describes the steps necessary to install and configure the DansGuardian Internet Content Filter system on Ubuntu Linux. The goal of this document is to use GUI tools wherever possible.

Install Tinyproxy

DansGuardian relies on a separate web proxy server such as squid or tinyproxy to fetch webpages. First we need to install the proxy.

Launch the Synaptic Package Manager from the "System" -> "Administration" menu.

We need to make sure that community open source packages are available. To do that under the menu "Settings" select "Repositories". Make sure "Community maintained Open Source software (universe)" is selected.

Now on the tool menu click Search and type "tinyproxy". Right-click on "tinyproxy" and select "Mark for Installation". Now click Apply on the tool menu.

Tinyproxy should now be installed.

Install DansGuardian

Now we can install DansGuardian, again click "Search" from the tool menu and type "dansguardian". Right-click on "dansguardian" and select "Mark for Installation". Now click "Apply" on the tool menu. The installation will error because DansGuardian is not yet configured.

To configure DansGuardian, open a Terminal and type:

gksudo gedit /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf

Now comment out the line that says "UNCONFIGURED" by placing a '#' at the beginning of that line.

Find the line that says "proxyport" and change the proxyport value to Tinyproxy's default port#, which is 8888.

Note: the port is originally set to 3128 which is the default proxy port for squid proxy. An alternative to Tinyproxy. Instructions for setting this up are also in the Wiki, here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard, and it may be more suitable for network proxying

Save the file and exit.

Right-click on dansguardian in the Synaptic Package Manager again and select "Mark for Reinstallation". Click "Apply".

Congratulations! Your machine should now be running a fully functional Internet Content Filter on port 8080. To test your filter, open your web browser and tell it to use localhost port 8080 as its HTTP proxy.

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