This page lists selected server software that can be used in Ubuntu.




Web servers

Web Applications

  • Blogging with WordPress - Blogging (web publishing).

  • Drupal - A robust content management system.

  • Joomla - Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications

  • Hive - How to set up a Digital Life Management System. Hive was formally known as Ubuntu Center.

  • PhpBB3 - How to set up a PhpBB3 forum.

  • PunBB forum - PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board.

  • MoinMoin - a powerful and highly configurable wiki.

  • MediaWiki - powerful wiki engine used by Wikipedia.

  • CMDBuild - An Open Source CMDB (Configuration and Management Database)

  • Moodle -- A Comprehensive Learning Management System (Online Curriculum)

  • Moodle with MySQL - Installing Moodle with MySQL (alternative instructions)

  • Request Tracker - Set up Request Tracker (web based ticketing system) with email facility.


  • BigBlueButton - A Complete Videoconferencing and Desktop Sharing platform

Mail, Groupware, and Chat Servers


  • BIND - Setting up a DNS server with BIND

  • Dynamic DNS - Setting up Dynamic DNS for your computer or LAN.

Proxy Servers

  • Squid - Squid

  • SquidGuard - SquidGuard

  • Pound - Pound Reverse Proxy Server (Run servers on multiple computers on a LAN using a single router and IP address)

  • Apache Reverse Proxies - Using Apache2 as a Reverse Proxy Server (Run servers on multiple computers on a LAN using a single router and IP address)


File Server


Cloud Storage‎

  • Dropbox Setup - Setting up Ubuntu Server for Dropbox cloud storage.

Storage Server

UPNP Mediaserver

Remote Administration Access

Installation Servers

Security Servers



  • Nagios3 - Installing and configuring Nagios3 for system and network monitoring. (Documentation for Nagios2.)

  • Zenoss - Installing Zenoss network monitor on Ubuntu Server

  • Logwatch - Installing Logwatch to monitor your system logs and have them emailed to you


  • Quasar - How to install Quasar Accounts, a fully featured client-server business accounting application.

Image boards


Development Tools


  • KVM - Installing and configuring the Kernel Virtual Machine

  • JeOSVMBuilder - Using python-vm-builder to create virtual appliances

  • Xen - Installing and configuring Xen

  • UEC - Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

  • EC2StartersGuide - Ubuntu on Amazon EC2


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