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Stream Media to your PS3 from Ubuntu

Playstation3 users have difficulties to stream and play media on their PS3 , the latest dashboard on PS3 supports a lot of common formats now,but for ex. .Mkv files are not supported yet. Users need to install/run a UPNP-media-server on Ubuntu so the PS3 can be able to see contents on the PC. Re encoding the .mkv files takes time and actually not needed if you use Ps3MediaServer. I have been trying some the last 24h and it shows that this server is the easiest way to get stuff work!

You will get some You tube and other fun stuffs too!

Installation instructions

Using terminal for this is very easy but I jsut explain GUI way .

- First you need to have MEncoder , Mplayer , and FFMpeg ,Java (most of oss already have this installed), it's good to install Tsmuxer too.

  • Do install them your way or just open a terminal and type :
    • sudo aptitude install mencoder tsmuxer avisynth ffmpeg mplayer

- Go here and download the linux version <http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/> and save it on you home directory

- now open it with Archive manager and drag the folder inside tgz file to you home directory as well.

- Navigate to that folder, right click on PMS.sh and choose properties now in Permissions allow it to be executed. Do the same thing for a file called tsMuxeR which is in a sub-folder called linux.

- The next thing is just du dubble click on it and choose run!


The only thing I needed was to assign server IP in the configuration , because I have two network interface on my PC , one for Internet and one for my LAN, save it and then go and add you share. You maybe want to check start in Minimized mode too.

==start at startup== I like session to do this , easy and user specific. System -->Preferences --> Sessions -->Add , give it a name and as command type the full path of PMS.se for me it was /home/me/pms-linux-1.10.5/PMS.sh

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