This section of SoftwareEquivalents holds equivalents to Multimedia software.

Please find your desired application, and use the Linux-equivalent instead!

One application may hold more equivalents! - People are different, and therefore one application may not fully equal the parts YOU use in the "original" application!

The applications

Feel free to add your own choices, but please keep the applications sorted alphabetically. (Also, please refrain from adding Windows programs running in WINE. Instead you can contribute to the official list of programs which run in WINE)

Windows application

Linux equivalent




DVD backup tool with shrinking support!

Nero, Nero Express

K3B, GnomeBaker

CD/DVD burning tool

iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player

Amarok, Beep, Exaile, Listen, Rhythmbox, VLC, XMMS


Logic Audio/Cubase

Ardour, RoseGarden

Multitrack Recording and Sequencing software

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