TabletPC users have special requirements that go beyond the standard Ubuntu installation. The aim this page is to become a central place with topics that are of interest to them.

Configuring the Input

Since most TabletPC use Wacom technologies for the pen and sometimes the touchscreen, you can find some help on configuring your TabletPC input devices on this guide and, if it doesn't use a Wacom device, on this page.

How to use onboard during GDM

The accessibility section of the Community Docs contains a detailed HowTo about how to setup GDM, so that it is possible to start onboard during the GDM session. It is true that the HowTo also talks about an automatic software click called Mousetweaks. As Mousetweaks is not of interest to TabletPC users, they can simply ignore that part.

Moreover, there is also the description of a hack by the author of onboard about how to make onboard automatically appear during the GDM session. The description is in this thread of the accessibility forum.

Second Section

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