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Ubuntu One's file-hosting cloud and music services will shut down during mid-2014. This does not affect Ubuntu itself, the free Linux-based operating system.

This page is an index to the public FAQs and knowledge bases for Ubuntu One.


U1 Shutdown FAQs

Ubuntu One Shutdown FAQ

U1 Downloader FAQs

Ubuntu One Downloader FAQ


For issues with Ubuntu itself, please look for answers at http://AskUbuntu.com/ or http://UbuntuForums.org/ .

For issues with the Ubuntu SSO (Single Sign-On) login service, please check the FAQs at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSO .

For issues with Software Center, the app store, please contact the vendor listed in the app's description. However, if the purchase or install failed, or if you need a refund, check the USC FAQs for more information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pay

If you have an issue related to Ubuntu One's file cloud or music services, please check the FAQ list below for help. If you have checked this and still need to contact a support representative in U1, send email to ubuntuone-support@canonical.com .

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