Some routers are able to run the Linux-based open source router firmware called DD-WRT. DD-WRT is useful to some UEC users and developers because of the flexibility and additional options available over stock router firmware.

This page is not about flashing your router with DD-WRT. For that, please refer to the DD-WRT website.

This page may be useful to UEC users who already have DD-WRT managing their router, as there are a few features and options that can help set up an automated UEC Provisioning Server.


Basic Setup

  • Make sure that there are some IP address which are not managed by your router, such that your CC can dole them out to your instances. In this example,  are dhcp addresses served by this router; the rest of the addresses on the subnet are static IPs. Thus, in the CC's eucalyptus.conf, PUBLIC_IPS could safely be set to, for example.

  • Use DNSMasq




  • Create Static leases for each of your UEC hosts, with its MAC Address, Hostname, and IP Address
  • Add the following DNSMasq options to avoid dhcp races with your CC, and enable PXE booting of your UEC hosts (where your PXE server is -- adjust this accordingly)


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