To trigger automated installations of UEC components, preseed configuration files must be generated which detail all of the installation parameters, and signal must be sent to the target hosts.

This involves:

  • a preseed template
  • configuration information about target systems
  • a cgi-bin web service for initiating installs

Install the Code

  • NOTE: This packaging is currently a work in progress, in ppa:uec-provisioning/ppa...

sudo apt-get install uec-provisioning-webui

Customize the Configuration

Add your MAC and IP addresses to the configuration file, /etc/uec-provisioning/hosts.cfg.

sudo vi /etc/uec-provisioning/hosts.cfg

Poweroff the Target Host

Make sure the the target host is configured for WakeOnLan, and then power the host down.

Start the Installation

  1. Point a web browser at the host running the uec-provisioning-webui, such as http://localhost/cgi-bin/

  2. Select the host to install. If your desired host is missing in this list, you should configure it properly in /etc/uec-provisioning/hosts.cfg.

  3. Choose the components you want to install on this host. Refer to UEC/Topologies if necessary. webui.png

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