So, you want to get involved in the Ubuntu Studio community? Great! We're a friendly group of folk with a shared passion for Ubuntu and all things creative, and we'd love to have you join us!

Check the website

The first place to start is on our website, which is quite a bit nicer to read than this wiki and has lots of information! Find out more at ubuntustudio.org - we will post any news about releases and calls for volunteers on the blog.

Join the forums

Often one of the easiest way to get involved with the community is through the forums. This is often the first place people come when they get stuck with something, so it's a great way to help us build a welcoming, helpful community and to ask questions if you need help.

If you find yourself regularly asking questions, do think about seeing if you might be able to answer a few as well - it really helps to have people sharing their knowledge.

Get started on the Ubuntu Studio Forum.

Join the mailing lists

If mailing lists are your thing,you can join the Ubuntu Studio Mailing Lists - these are for both user and developer discussions.

Chat with us on IRC

We use IRC for live chat, which can also be accessed through Matrix using a client like Element. We have three channels - one focused on support, one focused on development and one for general chat. Find more details here: IRC.

Follow us on Social

We also have a presence on several social channels, which is where we share important news and updates from the project. Follow us on your channel of choice: Ubuntu Studio Social Channels

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