Official Ubuntu Studio IRC channels

Ubuntu Studio has two official channels at

  • #ubuntustudio - user channel for discussion and support

  • #ubuntustudio-devel - developer discussion

Webchat - The Easy Way

Webchat is accesible directly from your browser. To try out IRC for the first time, this may be the easiest way to do it.

  • Head to

  • fill in your nick (make one up)
  • type #ubuntustudio" in the channel field

  • type the correct cathpa, and hit Connect.


Xchat is a program already installed on your computer, if you have installed Ubuntu Studio. If you find you want to spend more time on IRC, you'll probably want to be able to save your channels and settings. Especially if you're frequently on several channels.

To connect to the Ubuntu Studio channel, you will need to first connect to the server Then, look up the #ubuntustudio channel, and join it. A more detailed instruction on how to connect to freenode and ubuntustudio:

  • Start xchat
  • When you start XChat for the first time, it comes up with a Network List, which allows you to choose your nick name and the IRC Network you would like to connect to (If you have used XChat before, you can configure the Network options by selecting XChat -> Network List from the menu or by pressing CTRL+S)

  • Select and enter your nickname
  • In the Networks selection list, click on Freenode and press the Edit... button to verify the settings:

  • By checking Auto connect to this network on startup Xchat will automatically establish the connection when you start it up the next time. You can actually select this option for multiple IRC networks at the same time!

  • In the Edit Freenode window, click the ... next to Favorite channels to add channels you would like to auto-connect to. Add #ubuntustudio.

  • Close the Edit Freenode window when you are done and click the Connect button in the Network list window to establish the connection. Xchat will now auto connect to the ubuntustudio user channel each time you restart it.

  • To look for more freenode channels (#ardour, #jack etc..), go to Server -> List of Channels and hit Download List to get the entire list.

Useful channels on freenode related to Ubuntu Studio:

  • #alsa - user help and discussion

  • #ardour - user help and discussion

  • #blender - high traffic channel, user help and discussion

  • #dataflow - the puredata IRC channel

  • #ffado - User help and discussion about firewire devices

  • #gimp - User help and discussion

  • #jack - jack discussion

  • #linuxmusicians - not very highly trafficed at this time

  • #opensourcemusicians - popular channel discussing all things related to linux and music

  • #ubuntustudio

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