The pages in this wiki should be as easy to understand as possible and follow. With this in mind, please take into account the following suggested writing style guidelines:


  • Ubuntu releases - Always try to specify which versions of Ubuntu a page is valid for. When referring to Ubuntu releases, use "Ubuntu X.XX (Nickname)" or "Ubuntu X.XX" - eg:"Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)" or "Ubuntu 5.10", rather than just "Breezy" or "Ubuntu Breezy".

  • Operating Systems - Capitalize the names of operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.

  • Repositories - Capitalize the names of the Universe & Multiverse repositories when you use them.

  • Installing software - When documenting how to install software, try to avoid recommending a particular package manager (such as apt-get) - instead, simply use an apt link to allow the user to click on the link to install the relevant package. So, for example:

Page Titles

  • Be descriptive.
  • Avoid using the word "How to" in the page title (everything here is a how to).
  • Use capital letters and avoid spaces or dashes (WikiName, for example). The wiki software permits us to use page titles like this but to display the page title with spaces. In order to achieve this effect, when creating the page, give the page title a name without spaces, and then begin the content of the page with the following:

    #title Page Name
    This will ensure that the page title will appear with spaces when people view the page.

Section Headings

  • Heading text should be short, clear, and descriptive.
  • Capitalize in the following manner:
    • Initial uppercase letter for the first word and the last word, regardless of part of speech
    • Initial uppercase letter for all nouns, adjectives, and verbs
    • Initial uppercase letter for conjunctions of four letters or longer
    • Initial uppercase letter for prepositions of four letters or longer
    • Initial uppercase letter for prepositions that are part of a phrasal verb
    • All lowercase letters for conjunctions, articles, and prepositions of less than four letters


  • Use friendly text when creating links. For example, to link to the page Drives And Partitions, use [[DrivesAndPartitions|Drives and Partitions]] so that the link will appear like this: Drives and Partitions.


  • Bullet lists of links should take the following form: <Bullet> <Link> <Hyphen> <Sentence>.

  • For example:
    • Skype - Internet telephony software (closed source).

Further Information

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