This section deals with how to create pages on the Ubuntu wiki.

Search and Integrate. Don't Duplicate.

Before adding a page to the wiki, make sure you do a comprehensive search.

  • RecentChanges - See where people are currently working.

  • FindPage - Search or browse the database in various ways.

  • TitleIndex - A list of all pages in the wiki.

  • WordIndex - A list of all words that are part of page titles.

  • Category List - A list of categories that can be selected to list pages in a particlular category. These also list the pages with the category name in the title.


  • Don't add another page if a guide, article, or document already exists on a particular subject.

  • If you think the existing document could be better, is out of date, or missing something, then improve it!

  • Either add or integrate the material with the existing page in the appropriate place.

New Pages

If no such article exists, please feel free to create a new page.

Choose a Name

Choosing a good name is very important to ensure that a user who is searching for the page will find it easily. So:

  1. Choose a descriptive name
  2. Choose a name with some capital letters (such as WikiName). This will ensure that the page has a similar style of name to the existing pages.

  3. Avoid using the word "Howto" in the page title. Everything here is a howto!
  4. Do not use spaces or dashes in the name.

Create the Page

There are several ways to create a new page but all of them require that you first Log-in

By visiting the page

  1. Type the address for the new page into the address bar of your browser. Since the page does not exist because you performed the searches discussed above, MoinMoin will suggest to create it.

  2. Select a template from the left side of the page that opens. DocumentationTemplate is a default template you can use for any page. There are also some specialized templates to choose from.

  1. Edit another page
  2. Add a link to the new page, preferably like this: [[PageName|Page Name]]

  3. Save the page and click the new link
  4. Click one of the template names
  5. Edit your new page and save it

For more information on linking to other pages, see HelpOnLinking.

By using the NewPage macro

  1. Enter the page name in the text box and click "Create New Page"

  2. Edit your page and save it

By using the GoTo macro

  1. Enter the page name in the text box and click "Go To Page"

  2. Click "Create new page"
  3. Edit your page and save it


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