iMac 7,1 and Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)

This page aims to describe the steps needed, to fully enable all features of the iMac 7,1 Aluminium iMac 20" or 24" (release date: mid 2007) when using Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat).

IconsPage/terminal.png You can find out which model you have by typing in the terminal:

sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

Not sure? See Apple's technical specifications for this model, or read Determine your model and hardware revision for other ways to find out which model you have.

If you have a different model, please go to here and find the right wiki page, or checkout the Intel iMac general page.

Warning: At the time of writing, Maverick Meerkat is still in it's development process. The information written at this time is based on the first beta (released on 2nd September 2010).


Anything not mentioned here probably already works out of the box. If not, please refer to the Ubuntu Apple Users forum.

IconsPage/ok.png (works out-of-the-box)
IconsPage/ok.png IconsPage/info.png (works, but needs manual settings)
IconsPage/warning.png (works, with remarks)
IconsPage/dont.png (won't work - please post if you have hints)
IconsPage/question.png (not yet documented - please post if you can test)

Basic Installation Instructions

Common things about installing and maintaining Ubuntu on Intel-based Macs: Intel CPU-based Macintosh Generic Installation Instructions. See also the Intel iMac general page.


IconsPage/sound.png Unlike with previous versions of Ubuntu, sounds now works out of the box! Both built-in speakers (with good quality) and the headphone output (at a normal volume) work fine.

Wireless (AirPort)

Wireless works fine after you enable the proprietary drivers. Just go to System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers and add all Broadcom drivers and reboot. You will probably want to enable the graphics drivers while you are there (see below).

Two options for proprietary drivers are offered, although I haven't tested them.

Desktop Effects (Compiz)

You probably want to enable the proprietary graphics driver. Go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers and choose the ATI/AMD accelerated graphics driver.

Note: The driver is not yet available on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat at the time of writing.


Suspend works out of the box.

Hibernate does not seem to work at all, just hangs... Any tips welcome!

Please update this page, if you have figured out anything, that is not mentioned here!


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