The intention of the page is to gather well-written answers to frequent questions from the Absolute Beginners Forum in an orderly fashion.

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The Ubuntu Documentation Team has also looked into creating a FAQ section, you can see their initial list of Common Questions on this pdf document.

Also see CommonQuestions.

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Installing Ubuntu

  • Where to get Ubuntu?

  • Which version of Ubuntu should I use?
    • Versions of Ubuntu are released every 6 months named by year.month and a "code name".
    • What does LTS mean?

    • First you should know your architecture or (type of CPU).

  • Will Ubuntu run on my computer?
  • Should I use 64 bit?

  • What is the difference between the Desktop / Server / and alternate CD's?
    • The "Desktop" CD is a "live CD" and boots Ubuntu without changing your hard drive. Use the desktop CD to test your hardware. To install Ubuntu click on the "install" icon on the desktop.
    • The "Alternate" CD is a install CD (no "live" desktop) and is used if the Desktop fails. In addition the Alternate CD allows "advanced" features such as a minimal install, LVM, RAID, and encryption.
    • The "Server" CD is also a installation CD and will set up LAMP. The server installation comes with no GUI (Graphical Interface).
    • The "Minimal" CD is a minimal command line installation. It installs the base operating system and package manager with no GUI. This CD is not recommended for users with slow internet connections.
    • How to boot the live CD

    • Trouble booting from CD?

  • How To Install Ubuntu

  • How To Remove Windows




Install additional software

Any and all info that you might need on Installing Additional software unto Ubuntu can be found on this page.


Any and all questions you may have can be found here at the following page.

Command line skills



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