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Basic dialup to the internet

If you are trying set up basic Internet networking (web, email, etc) through a normal telephone, there is a page on setting up your modem: DialupModemHowto.

Fax software

If your computer comes with a fax modem, the following instructions may help to set it up:

  1. Install the packages sl-modem-daemon and efax-gtk (see InstallingSoftware)

  2. You should now find the fax software listed under Office software in your menu system.
  3. The first time you run it, select "Settings" from the File menu and enter your name and phone number. It may be necessary to change the serial device to "modem". Also, under "page", you might want to select your default paper size.

With your phone connected, you should now be able to send and receive faxes.


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