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What is the Loki-Installer?

The Loki-Installer comes from the company Loki! They have ported many games to Linux and have written installers for them. Nowadays many games from get distributed with the Loki-Iinstaller.

Get the Loki-Installer

The Loki-Installer is normally a part of the installer of a game. You can get the Loki-Updater and Loki-Uninstaller, from

Direct links:

Those are torrents, so you'll have to use a program like Ktorrent or Azureus.

Install Loki-Updater

sudo sh

Install Loki-Uninstaller

sudo sh

With the Loki-Updater you can easily update the games. With the Uninstaller you can easily uninstall the games.

How to install a game with Loki-Installer

In general it's a shellscript and you install it with the following command:


If you get "trap" error message, try it with:


If you want to install games from CD, with mulitple CD's, it's better to copy the installer to the harddisk and start it fromt there.

If a games doesn't find the CD you can specify it with the following command:

export SETUP_CDROM=/path/to/cdrom/ 

If a game closes or hangs with a segmentation fault or Stack dump, it maybe caused by a binary-incompatible libc6 version. This can be circumvented by running the game in a chroot environment with an earlier version of libc6. See the WoodyInChroot page for more information about how to run binary-only applications in an older operating system environment.



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