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How can I get my Payment ID(s)?

To get the unique IDs of your payments through Ubuntu Pay, go to this site:

Your complete list of payments should be displayed. Each one has an ID, date, store name, description, price, and status. Completed purchases also include a link to a copy of the receipt. The unique ID for each is a long hex number in the left-most column.

To include your payment ID(s) in a message, simply highlight the data you'd like to include, press Ctrl-C to copy the text, then paste it into your message with Ctrl-V. Or, you may be able to copy/paste in a more 'oldschool' fashion by simply highlighting the text with the mouse then middle-clicking into the email program where you want to paste it.

If you include your payment IDs in your support request, we can much more easily verify the payments and look up the details for each.

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