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I tried to buy something but it failed. What should I do?

Occasionally there may be transfer errors during the purchase process. This explains how to get the software you purchased if it doesn't work on the first try.

First, look through the list of FAQs to see if your issue is covered specifically.

If not, try the reinstall function:


If that doesn't work, or if your purchase doesn't show up in the list of purchases in Software Center, check your payment history:


If you see a payment listed there but still can't install, check your subscriptions, also explained at the link above. You may be able to use this data to install the software manually.

If it keeps failing, please send in a bug report or support request with details about the issue. This explains how to get detailed information to help fix the cause of the issue:


Then, if the reinstall option doesn't work, the easiest way to get the software may be to request a refund and then attempt the purchase again. The errors are generally just temporary network issues and it's unlikely that the error would happen again, so the second try should work.

However, please gather and send the debug info first, so we can prevent the issue from happening again.

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