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When I try to log in, I get a message saying I'm a bad bot and that I should go away. What's going on?

Some time ago, listening to our users who needed an easier way to sign up for an Ubuntu account, we replaced all the captchas in SSO used to prevent automated account creation with a more sophisticated - yet invisible to most users - technology that allowed to do the same without needing people to guess any difficult pictures' contents.

However, for some people this may result in a weird message: "Bad bot, go away". This means that for some reason the login page thinks you're trying to surpass the security measures cheating. This can happen when you're using some kind of bot to auto fill in your login forms (because the system is designed to fight this kind of bots!)

You can try to log in with a different browser, or with a private session/incognito window of your regular browser. Disabling the add on / extension you're using to automatically fill in forms should help too.

For people using lastpass, we recommend deleting the Ubuntu One password from your vault, make a single "regular" log in (this is, writing your username and password) and when lastpass offers to store your credentials, accept.

If you have more recommendations for other use cases, please let us know to add them here.

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