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I tried to reset my SSO password but didn't get the email with instructions. Help?

In most cases, this happens because the email goes into a spam folder. Please double-check your spam folder, if you have one.

It's also possible you may have entered an address that SSO doesn't recognize. Many people will log into Launchpad and update their list of email addresses there, but that list is independent from what SSO uses. So, be sure to update your address list on both sites -- and

If you request a password reset, one of two things should happen:

  • If SSO recognizes the address, it will send a password reset code.
  • If SSO doesn't recognize the address, it will send an invitation to join.

So, if you get an invitation instead of a reset code, you probably used the wrong address. Please try any other email addresses you might have used in the past.

It also can help to simply try again. There may have been a typo in the address, so double-check to make sure you have the right address.

If those suggestions don't help, contact ISD for further assistance. Please describe the steps you have taken so far, and the results.

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