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Security Guides

Security Updates


Miscellaneous Information

  • StricterDefaults - Default settings that you could change if you wanted stricter settings at the cost of convenience

Security Tools



Intrusion Detection

Data Leak Prevention

  • MyDLP - Installation and Internet / e-mail configuration instructions to prevent data leak from network with MyDLP.

System Hardening

System Integrity


Data Deletion

  • SecureDeletion - How to erase (wipe) data from hard discs in a way that hampers data recovery

Encrypted Filesystems

  • Encrypted Filesystems - Index page containing step-by-step instructions on encrypting entire root filesystems and portable devices

Encrypted Folders

  • FolderEncryption - How to encrypt a folder with encfs, and automatically mount it at login


  • GPG Key - How to create/manage a GPG key and use it in your favorite E-Mail client

  • GPGKeyOnUSBDrive - How to store your GPG key securely on an encrypted USB flash drive


  • OpenSSL - OpenSSL Secure Sockets Layer implementation information

  • CommonAccessCard - Department of Defence Common Access Card (CAC) for Public key infrastructure (PKI) Authentication


  • AntiVirus - About antivirus programs in Gnu&Linux. To summarise, they are the best way to scan a Windows partition or to block an infected file that people are passing around to each other.

  • Linuxvirus - An overview of the types of malware generally found on computers and descriptions of specific malware that works on Linux (usually made to test the security of systems).

  • ClamAV - How to install ClamAV on your HD


  • Tor Project - Anonymous web surfing using Tor and Polipo.


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