Frequently asked questions about Ubuntu Studio.


  • What is Ubuntu Studio?

  • What is the Jack Audio Connection Kit?

    • Also known as JACK for short, you can learn more at the What is JACK page.

  • What is the difference between Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu?

  • What is a low latency kernel?

    • See the low latency kernels page for information about the various low latency kernels available in Ubuntu Studio.

  • When is the next version coming out?


  • How do I install Ubuntu Studio?

  • Can I install Ubuntu Studio onto an existing Ubuntu installation?


  • What applications are included in Ubuntu Studio?

    • A list of applications included in Ubuntu Studio can be found here: Package List

  • Why is application xyz included and abc is not included in Ubuntu Studio?

    • To find reasons for inclusion or exclusion for a specific application, please see the Application Selection page.

    • However, applications may be excluded be for many reasons, including:
      • There currently does not exist a Debian/Ubuntu package for that application.
      • There is no maintainer for the package.
      • There are license issues restricting the application from being included.
      • The application isn't stable or mature enough for inclusion.

      If it is either of the first two, feel free to help out by packaging the application and maintaining it. Find out how.

      If none of the above seem to apply, feel free to add it to the list at UbuntuStudio/Wishlist

How Can I Help?

  • How to help - a good write up about different ways to help with Ubuntu Studio



  • How can I safely remove Ubuntu Studio and return to "vanilla" Ubuntu?

    • Ubuntu studio is a series of packages and can be removed from the command line using apt-get using three lines of code:
    • 1) sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
    • 2) sudo apt-get purge ubuntustudio-desktop
      • in Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), you may also need to run: sudo apt-get purge ubuntustudio-default-settings plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio

    • 3) sudo apt-get --purge autoremove
    • This will replace the Ubuntu Studio desktop with the "vanilla" Ubuntu desktop, and then remove the Ubuntu Studio desktop packages.

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