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User Guide

A basic guide for configuring and using multimedia applications on Ubuntu Studio (For desktop documentation, see Xubuntu/Ubuntu related docs).




  • Install from the live DVD
  • Install with netinstall
  • Make any Ubuntu flavor Studio capable

Migrating From Another OS

  • Info about the differences between Win, Mac and Ubuntu

Hardware Support

  • Hardware support info - possibly a HW matrix for audio devices

System Configuration

  • Get desktop sound working
  • Installing additional drivers (graphics)
  • Monitor calibration
  • Audio configs explained (in short)

Ubuntu Studio Desktop

  • Editing the menu
  • Links to other docs about the XFCE desktop

Ubuntu Studio Workflows


  • Audio Systems, short intro (introducing PA, Jack, Alsa, OSS, firewire (ffado)
  • Using the different sound systems
    • Alsa explained (alsa mixer, drivers)
    • Using Pulseaudio (using the PA mixer)
    • Using Jack (qjackctl, patchage, gladish, etc)
    • The Alsa/PA plugin (few words)
    • The PA+Jack Bridge (how to use it, or how to disable it)
  • Using audio software – some workflow examples
  • Additional info (non-free apps, VST, linux-sampler, etc)


  • Intro to software, fonts, file formats, supported devices
  • Using Graphic software – some workflow examples


  • Intro to software, codecs, file formats, supported devices
  • Using Video software – some workflow examples


  • Intro to software, file formats, supported devices
  • Using photography software – some workflow examples


  • Intro to software, file formats, fonts, other resources, supported devices
  • Using Publishing software

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