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Ubuntu Studio Preparation - Making any Ubuntu derived distro multimedia capable.

Getting Sound into Jack - Example on how to use qjackctl with audio applications

Rocksmith USB Cable and Ubuntu Studio - how to use the Rocksmith USB cable with another audio device

HowToPureDataIntroduction Introduction to using Pure Data

HowToSeq24Introduction - Guide to using the seq24 sequencer

Notation - Generally about notation software

General Audio Howto - Generally about using audio applications on Ubuntu Studio

HowTowJackArdour - Quick guide on using Ardour and Jack

MultiCardQuickFix - Multiple card setup

Setting_CPU_Governor - Changing default CPU governor to Performance

Video and Graphics

General Graphics Howto - Generally About using Graphic Applications on Ubuntu Studio


How to install Kompozer - Kompozer was dropped from the repos for newer releases - here's how to install it

Build an old lowlatency kernel - Build from older source, if the current kernel is misbehaving, or you think you will get better performance with an older kernel.

MultimediaApplications - How to play, rip, convert and burn multimedia on Ubuntu

CDRipping - CD Ripping on Ubuntu

Install IRC About different IRC Clients

Outdated Howto's

Example Jack Configuration - A couple of examples on how to configure jack - outdated

Network Setup - Managing network on Ubuntu Studio - outdated

FireWire - Setting up Firewire on older Ubuntu Studio releases - outdated

Ubuntu Studio Controls How to use Ubuntu Studio controls - outdated

HardwareOptimization Mostly outdated info

GettingStarted - Outdated tutorial on getting started with Ubuntu Studio

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