The Accessories menu contains general utility applications for your computer. There are lots of applications available which create items in this menu, but this page deals with the applications installed by default in Ubuntu 8.04. To install additional software, see the Additional Software and help section.

Not all applications installed on your system are visible by default, you can edit the main menubar to show hidden applications.

Applications visible by default


"Perform arithmetic, scientific or financial calculations."

"You can perform standard addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication functions in Basic mode...Advanced [mode] provides advanced calculator functions....Financial [mode] provides several complex financial functions....Scientific [mode] provides many additional mathematical functions." (Calculator Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes gcalctool 5.22.2

Character Map

"Insert special characters into documents."

"The Character Map application allows you to insert special characters into a document or a text field. Character Map provides accented characters, mathematical symbols, special symbols, and punctuation marks. Use Character Map to access characters that are not available on your keyboard." (Character Map Manual, Introduction, 2004)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Character Map 2.22.1


"Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary"

"The Dictionary application enables you to search words and terms on a dictionary source." (Dictionary Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Dictionary as part of gnome-utils

Disk Usage Analyzer

"Check folder sizes and available disk space"

"Disk Usage Analyzer is is a graphical, menu-driven application to analyse disk usage in any Gnome environment. Disk Usage Analyzer can easily scan either the whole filesystem tree, or a specific user-requested directory branch (local or remote)." (Disk Usage Analyzer Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Disk Usage Analyzer as part of gnome-utils

Disk Utility

Formats, encrypts, and contains various disk related tools

Disk Utility is a disk-management application, similar to GParted, which provides a simple, easy to use interface, while including useful disk-management tools.


"Cancel, pause, resume or reprint jobs"

Printing' lets you have full control over all printed files, giving an overview on all current and completed print jobs.

Ubuntu 8.04 includes system-config-printer-applet 0.7.81

Passwords and Encryption Keys

"Manage your passwords and encryption keys"

"You can use Passwords and Encryption Keys to create and manage PGP and SSH keys. Passwords and Encryption Keys provides a front end to many of the features of Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) and integrates with multiple components of the GNOME desktop." (Passwords and Encryption Keys Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Seahorse 2.22.2

Take Screenshot

"Save images of your desktop or individual windows"

"The Take Screenshot tool (gnome-screenshot) allows you to capture the current screen or window and save it as an image. You can set a delay, and even apply a border or drop shadow to a captured window. A screenshot may be captured via the Prt Scrn key and a selection may be captured by simultaneously holding the Shift + Prt Scrn keys."

Ubuntu 8.04 includes gnome-screenshot as part of gnome-utils


"Use the command line"

"GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulation application that you can use to...access a UNIX shell in the GNOME any application that is designed to run on VT102, VT220, and xterm terminals" (Terminal Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Terminal 2.22.1

Text Editor

"Edit text files"

"The gedit application enables you to create and edit text files. The aim of gedit is to be a simple and easy to use text editor. More powerful features can be enabled with different plugins, allowing a variety of tasks related to text-editing." (Text Editor Manual, Introduction, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes Text Editor 2.22.3

Tracker Search Tool

"Locate documents and folders on your computer by name or content"

"tracker-search-tool is a graphical search front end...It uses trackerd to get instant search results." (Tracker Search Tool Manual, 2008)

Ubuntu 8.04 includes tracker-search-tool 0.6.6

Applications hidden by default

Archive Manager

"Manages your archives and compressed files."

"You can use the Archive Manager application to create, view, modify, or unpack an archive." (Archive Manager Manual, Introduction, 2008)

This entry is hidden by default. Ubuntu 8.04 includes Archive Manager 2.22.3

Bluetooth Analyzer

"Analyze Bluetooth traces."

"bluetooth-analyzer will display Bluetooth protocol traces in Frontline BTSnoop and Apple Packet Logger format. bluetooth-analyzer is part of bluez-gnome, see also" (Bluetooth Analyzer Manual, Description, 2008)

This entry is hidden by default. Ubuntu 8.04 includes Bluetooth Analyzer 0.25

File Browser

"Browse the file system with the file manager"

"Nautilus..[is] intuitive and powerful file manager. Using the advanced GVFS technology, Nautilus is able to display remote folders just like folders on the local file system, giving users access to all their files everywhere with a single consistent interface." (File Browser Manual, 2008)

This entry is hidden by default. Ubuntu 8.04 includes Nautilus File Browser 2.22.3


"Launch other applications and provide various utilities to manage windows, show the time, etc."

"This program launches the panel, and if you can click on this item the panel should already be open. Thus there is not much need for it in the menu."

Ubuntu 8.04 includes gnome-panel 2.22.2

Additional software and help

The easiest way to browse and install additional software tools is through the Add/Remove... tool, which is found in the main Applications menu. After starting Add/Remove..., simply select a section from the list to the left hand column. For more general information on installing software, see InstallingSoftware. For more general help select 'System > Help and Support' from your top panel or visit the official Documentation for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

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