Ubuntu comes with many pre-installed applications, but if you require more, the Ubuntu Software Center provides an excellent way to browse the additional applications which are available in the software repositories.

You can read more about managing applications in the Official Ubuntu Documentation (see the section on Adding and Removing Software) and the SoftwareManagement page.

Software repositories

To search for applications in the software repositories, either use

To read more about repositories, what they are and what the different repositories in Ubuntu are used for, see the Repositories page.

Application Guides

The following guides to specific applications are gathered because they are thought to be useful for people looking for specific kinds of applications. Note: They also include information about applications that aren't available from the Ubuntu repositories.

  • ScienceApplications – Software for business, science, medicine, engineering, and other professional disciplines.

  • Games – Information on games written for Ubuntu Linux, as well as how to run Windows games in Ubuntu.

  • Graphics – Software for creating and manipulating images.

  • Photo – Software for viewing and editing photos.

  • Servers and Web Applications – Software for creating websites, teleconferencing servers, learning management systems, and other web applications.

  • Sound and Video – Software for playing, ripping, and burning music and videos.

  • Multimedia – Software for playing and editing sound and video.

  • Utilities - Software to enhance your computer's comfort.

Software Equivalents

Looking for a free software equivalent for Windows or Mac software? Look at the SoftwareEquivalents page.

If you are migrating from Mac OSX, also see the Switching from MacOSX page.

If you can't find a suitable free software equivalent, you can try running software from other Operating Systems inside of Ubuntu. This includes most Windows applications (and even the entire Windows OS itself).

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