This page contains instructions for setting up Canon printers. Note that many, but not all, Canon printers have Linux drivers.

Compatible printers

The Ubuntu wiki contains a list of Canon printers by model number that have been tested in some fashion with Ubuntu. Note the list is old and not regularly maintained. For a list of tested printers supported by Canon's own CAPT drivers, see CanonCaptPrinterDriver.

Is your printer a network printer ?

Nowadays, even some cheap printers are network printers. Printers claiming "print via wifi" are often of that kind. Network printers are often running several services that Ubuntu clients can directly connect to.

For example Canon MG5350 runs a web server on port 80 for network-related setup, a SMB (Windows) style print server, and a CUPS server version 1.4. This means that detecting and reaching the printer from Ubuntu is almost granted.

Depending on the exact model, you may have satisfying results, or you may still need some specific driver (e.g. to benefit from all features).

In practice :

  • Make sure your printer is connected to the network and aware of it (in some cases you can see and set the network parameters using the printer's front panel). If unsure, open a web browser and go to http://ip.of.your.printer/ .

  • Then consider that the printer is an already configured "print server" and follow instructions at NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu.

Canon's official CAPT drivers

Canon laser printers are supplied with Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT), a printer driver software-stack developed by Canon. The company claims that its use of data compression reduces their printer's memory requirement, compared to conventional laser printers, and also claim that it increases the data transfer rate when printing high-resolution graphics. Many of Canon's printers are supported by the official CAPT drivers - see CanonCaptPrinterDriver for install instructions and a list of compatible printers.

Model Specific Information

Note: where the CAPT drivers are available these links just redirect to CanonCaptPrinterDriver.


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