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Ubuntu uses a customized version of the Gnome Desktop. A panel at the top of the desktop has a drop down Applications menu, which gives access to the different categories of software currently installed in Ubuntu. Below you can browse the software installed by default in Ubuntu 8.04, organised in the same way as the Applications menu. If you want a larger selection of software documentation jump down to See also.

Applications Menu

Software listed as it appears in the Applications menu of the Ubuntu desktop.

  • Accessories - Contains a variety of software accessories.

  • Games - Discusses GNU/Linux games and links to pages describing how to run Windows games in Ubuntu.

  • Graphics - An overview of all the graphics software available (not only defaults).

  • Internet - Explains Ubuntu's internet applications and information on networking (not only defaults).

  • Office - A quick tour of the default office programs, and some useful extras (not only defaults).

  • Sound and Video - A list of the default applications for music, video, ripping and burning.

  • System Tools - Looks at the default applications that deal with your systems hardware and software.

  • Add/Remove... - Guidance on adding and removing applications (part of the official documentation for Ubuntu 8.04).

Places Menu

  • Home Folder - Takes a look at what the Home Folder is used for.

System Menu

See also

External links

The following links mention software which will generally work on Ubuntu, but not all software mentioned will install using Ubuntu's graphical tools. See the Adding, Removing and Updating Applications section of the official documentation for Ubuntu 8.04.

  • Free Software Alternatives - A comprehensive list of alternative applications found on Ubuntu.

  • GnomeFiles - Categorizes, rates and lists GNOME-based software.

  • osalt.com - Lists 'open-source' alternatives to proprietary software.

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