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How To Help Ubuntu Studio

Hopefully you're enjoying the wonderful world of producing multimedia on an Ubuntu system. Maybe you've stopped to think 'I wonder how all these wonderful tools came to be... ...who packaged them... ...why these ones... ...what makes ubuntu such a success?' well, the answer to all these questions is the same: the development community. Having a large group of individuals to help build Ubuntu creates a network of checks and balances, not to mention lighter work for everyone.

GNU/Linux is a community effort, and because of this, we all hope that you too will get involved. Who me? - Yes, You. You may hold the common misconception that because you don't know how to program, you're no good to the development community, but nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what your level of expertise with Ubuntu you can lend a hand. Furthermore, in the field of Multimedia Production on Ubuntu, we NEED your help. A small and overworked team of individuals create Ubuntu Studio, and both they, and the larger Ubuntu multimedia community need all the help they can get.

Every level of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio user can help the community in some way. Here's a few examples (please don't feel limited to these suggestions) just to get you started:

The Absolute Beginner

(you're just finding your way around, learning, and noticing the layout):

The Novice User

(this isn't the first version of Ubuntu you've used, you're able to get most work done that you need to):

The Advanced User

(given any howto and a terminal you can fix almost anything)

The Hacker

(you've compiled a kernel for yourself, don't need any directions for most system modifications, and generally prefer to use the terminal)

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