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Ready to Begin? Read about all the available installation options

Switching from another OS

Are you thinking about switching to Ubuntu? The following articles will make your transition to Ubuntu easier: Windows | macOS | Another Linux distribution


Information about software repositories, installing and removing applications, guides to specific applications and free software equivalents


Drives and Partitions

Adding storage, partitioning your hard drive, accessing your Windows files, and more

Input Devices

Setting up your keyboard, mouse, and other input devices


Setting up and using sound cards, speakers, and musical instruments


Setting up your graphics card and external hardware such as video cameras


Setting up and using your printer


Setting up and using your scanner

Network, wireless, and internet devices

Setting up networking and internet devices

Portable Gadgets

Syncing and transferring files from PDAs, audio players, mobile phones, GPS units and cameras

Mactel Devices

Information on running Mactel (Intel CPU-based Macintosh Computers) on Ubuntu

Further topics

Internet and Networking

Information about the software side of connecting to the Internet and working with networks.


Making Ubuntu easier to use for those with physical or visual challenges

Eye Candy

Making your computer look and work cooler


Setting up web servers, file servers, and more

Thin Clients

Setting up and using thin clients


Keeping your computer safe

System Administration

Maintaining your computer

Troubleshooting guides

Solving troubles with configurations and software

Business Environment

Suggestions for configuring Ubuntu for use in business environments

Building Software

How to build Flash and Web Server applications

Ubuntu Flavours

Edubuntu Cookbook

A gentle introduction for non-technical users to installing, configuring and most importantly, using Edubuntu

Lubuntu wiki

Lubuntu documentation and more

Ubuntu Studio Community Help

Ubuntu Studio community help pages with various topics

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE Online Guide


Kubuntu Documentation


Xubuntu Documentation

More resources


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